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Underground Mining

Creating a framework for safe, sustainable mining

Normet is continuously striving to improve underground processes to be safer and more efficient. We listen to our customers and develop equipment and technologies based on customers unique challenges and needs.


We are immensely proud of our long history in developing and providing innovative mining equipment and customer solutions. Normet’s first mining machine was launched on 1972 and since then we have gathered extensive expertise in all underground hard rock mining methods and processes, including rock reinforcement bolts and chemicals, concrete spraying, concrete transportation, explosive charging, scaling, underground logistics and lifting & installation equipment, and comprehensive offering of services and support.

At Normet our main focus is in offering superior safety and productivity technologies and assisting customers on site, to achieve the optimal total process cost. Normet has a long track record in assisting customers in process optimization and sharing global process knowledge gained over many years. Normet is continuously striving to improve underground processes to be safer and more efficient. We listen to our customers and develop equipment and technologies based on customers unique challenges and needs.


We have been manufacturing equipment for both, underground mining and tunnelling for decades and we have built our business and reputation around designing and building equipment for extremely tough operating environments. Moving forward we will continue to build reliable and robust equipment which can withstand the toughest of conditions.

We test our equipment and technologies comprehensively in the deepest mine in Europe, Pyhäsalmi mine which is close to our main factory in Finland, to ensure that all the equipment and technologies work even in the most challenging environments. Pyhäsalmi mine is 1.5 km deep and the 1:7 incline ramp form the surface to the deepest point is about 10 km long.


Easily mineable resources are depleting, so it is becoming more of a technical challenge to conduct mining at greater depths, greater elevation and in more remote and challenging locations than ever before.

The deeper the mine is, the more ventilation is needed to cool the air and dilute diesel emissions to an acceptable level for personnel. Our battery electric SmartDrive offering combines our decades long process expertise with the latest battery electric technology, providing operation with zero local emissions with almost no heat generated to the environment, decreasing the ventilation need remarkably. Our experts can also aid customers to design the infrastructure layout for battery electric equipment with strategically placed fast chargers based on equipment duty cycle.

  • Explosives Charging

    Safe and efficient explosives charging and blasting processes are essential to productive mining and tunnelling operations. Our Charmec vehicle range makes the underground charging process productive and safe whether you are using Emulsion or ANFO explosives. To support your charging and blasting processes we also manufacture a wide range of supporting upgrades.

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  • Scaling

    Scaling loose rock is an essential part of safe underground excavation, but it is challenging work. After the drilling and blasting phase, scaling is required to remove loose rock from the unstable rock face to make the tunnel or mine safe to work in.

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  • Sprayed Concrete Process

    The use of sprayed concrete in mines, tunnels and other civil engineering structures is an important and integral part of successful, highly productive, and safe rock support systems. Normet is the industry leader in concrete spraying solutions, providing a complete range of related equipment, services, and chemicals to our customers around the world.

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  • Lifting and Installations

    For safe, reliable, and highly efficient lifting and installation solutions look no further than Normet’s scissor lifts, basket booms, and cassette lifters. Developed with 40 years of underground experience and with models suitable for any size project, they make your overall processes more effective than ever.

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  • Underground Logistics

    The safe and efficient transportation of personnel, material and fluids is an essential part of any underground mining or tunnelling project. Our logistics solutions are the result of decades of experience and are designed to easily cope with the most demanding environments. Our three rubber tyred vehicle lines provide you with a complete range of transport options for any requirement underground. Anything from personnel to explosives and everything in between can be moved swiftly and safely within and between work sites.

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