Normet D-Bolt® – Dynamic rock bolt

The D-Bolt® is a rock reinforcement bolt comprised of a smooth steel bar with a number of deformed sections that act as anchor points along the bolt’s length. The collar end of the D-Bolt® is threaded and is designed to be used in a system with a face plate, spherical washer and a nut that tightens the bolt to the rock face. The bolt is fully encapsulated in a borehole, only constrained to the resin or cement grout at the anchor points. This allows the smooth sections of the bolt, between the anchor points, to deform without constraints and absorb a high amount of energy as the rock mass dilates. The D-Bolt® is available in different lengths as per customer requirements, from approximately 1.5 to 6 meter. A D-Bolt® may also be coupled, where longer lengths are required. D-Bolt®s can be successfully installed using either cement or resin grout.

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