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Customer Case: Ukonhauta Oy

Customer Case: Ukonhauta Oy

The industrial services sector heavyweight Ukonhauta Oy stands out with its high level of competence and relies on its solid partner network, of which Marakon has been a part of since the 90s

Over the span of its 30-year journey, the industrial production and maintenance services provider Ukonhauta Oy has weathered the changing conditions of the industry, from recycling requirements to the diversification of the demolition sector. Ironclad experience, superior equipment and a carefully chosen partner network have allowed the company to succeed in a fiercely competitive industry. When it comes to machinery and machinery-related services, Ukonhauta relies on Normet Group’s Marakon.

Changes in the operating environment, legislation, increasingly strict requirements. These are the greatest challenges faced by the industrial sector over the past few decades. Olli Tiilikainen, Ukonhauta’s CEO of seven years, has helped the company navigate an ever-changing environment in which trusted partnerships are increasingly important. Despite the changes, Ukonhauta’s operating principles are and stay the same: We do not shy away from hard work, and we always put our words into action.

Over the years, we have gained extensive experience from various types of work. At the same time, we’ve been able to better define what we want to do ourselves. A reliable and optimal partner network is a priority for us, and Marakon has been a part of it throughout almost our entire history, Tiilikainen says.

Industrial screening and recycling services form the core of Ukonhauta’s operations. In addition to this, the company assists clients in carrying out demolition work and the accompanying recycling work efficiently and economically. Ukonhauta also offers other support services, including upkeep and maintenance services. While good partnerships are important, Ukonhauta’s own skilled personnel play a key role in the quality of their services.

The competition is tough, particularly in the demolition industry. A company can stand out with know-how, flexibility and versatility. The availability of labor poses its own challenge to the industry as well. At our company, people tend to stick around, which I’m happy about. It is of enormous importance to us, Tiilikainen says.

A new breaker from a trusted partner fortifies Ukonhauta’s fleet

Ukonhauta’s fleet consists of some 45 pieces of tracked and wheeled machinery. This includes lorries, vans, demolition hammers and excavators. Breakers play an essential role in Ukonhauta’s operations. They are needed for tasks ranging from demolition work to processing steel industry byproducts such as slag. The company’s latest investment is a Normet Xrock XB18 breaker, chosen by the Ukonhauta specialists on Marakon’s recommendation. Buying a new breaker became relevant when paying for the maintenance of the old one no longer made sense from a financial point of view.

Had anyone else besides the Marakon or Normet guys suggested that we buy a new one, we probably wouldn’t have considered it. However, they had a breaker available for us right away, and we were offered the chance to have a trial period before making the final decision. This had a major and important role in the decision, Tiilikainen says.

During the trial period it became clear that the breaker in question was the right choice for the job. Ukonhauta uses the Xrock XB18 at a steel mill for removing and breaking slag. The work also features several highly specialized phases. Working with hot steel is no mean feat, as the temperature around the breaker may rise to 1000 degrees Celsius.

We used the breaker and found it to be exceptionally effective. Its impressive heat resistance, coupled with a lengthy chisel, enables precision work without compromising the integrity of structures. Furthermore, the hammer delivers substantial power, Tiilikainen says.

Client always comes first

The new breaker still has its hardest operating hours ahead. Nevertheless, Ukonhauta trusts Normet’s products, and they believe the new breaker will continue to perform efficiently and precisely. Normet’s and Marakon’s vast experience in the industry and with machinery allows them to extend the lifecycle of the equipment at every phase.

One of Normet’s and Marakon’s strong points is their extensive knowledge about the machinery they sell. If you need help, you will always receive it. Their product support and the availability of spare parts are impressive as well, Tiilikainen says.

Tailoring the planning and implementation of each project to the client’s individual needs is an important principle in Ukonhauta’s operations. It is one that they share with Marakon, and it functions as the basis for mutual trust between the two. You get things done properly, and when mistakes happen, you take accountability for them.

With Marakon and Normet, what is agreed is also done. The delivery and commissioning of the breaker happened with no critical failures, and spare tools were readily available. Marakon’s sensible terms of payment supported our decision as well. We’ve been happy with the results, Tiilikainen says.

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