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Customer Case: Valtasiirto Oy

Customer Case: Valtasiirto Oy

Valtasiirto Oy operates logistics on a dazzling scale and in a hectic industry – and the company’s trust in their partner Marakon’s expertise stays strong, year after year

Operating in the field of industrial logistics requires long-term perspective and the ability to respond swiftly: Most factories operate around the clock, with little room for unnecessary disruptions. Due to the extreme temperatures involved, among other things, the operating environments of hydraulic breakers can be challenging. When Valtasiirto Oy, a 20-year veteran of the industrial logistics sector, needs a trusted partner and durable breakers, the company turns to Marakon and Normet Group.

Valtasiirto’s Workshop Manager Jani Sillberg is no stranger to hectic days. Sillberg is responsible for their maintenance team’s task allocation. In addition to this, his time is taken up by diagnosing faults in equipment, maintenance work, locating spare parts and processing tenders. The house maintenance team works in two shifts, with never a dull moment.

Factories operate 24/7, which means we must be on standby around the clock as well. Machinery must be kept up and running. We make sure that any issues are fixed swiftly and the work can go on uninterrupted, Sillberg says.

The core of Valtasiirto’s business is focused on internal and external industrial logistics. The company also provides terminal services to support the changing warehousing needs of their clients. In addition to this, Valtasiirto also offers its clients stand-by-for-emergency maintenance and repair services. When a company’s everyday operations are demanding and have many moving parts, the significance of trusted partners cannot be underestimated. Marakon Oy, now a member of Normet Group, has for years been one of Valtasiirto’s key partners.

Our job is to make sure that our own and our clients’ work can progress as smoothly as possible. The stronger your knowhow about fixing machinery is, the sooner everyone can get on with work, Sillberg says. Both Marakon and Normet have a great deal of experience, especially when it comes to hydraulic breakers. Whenever we’ve needed quick assistance with our own equipment, we have always received it, says Sillberg.

Durable and efficient equipment plays a key role in extreme conditions

Early in 2023, Valtasiirto invested in a new Normet Xrock XB14 hydraulic breaker. When the maintenance of their old breaker started to become too costly, one of Marakon’s specialists recommended replacing it with a new one, and after a successful trial period, the breaker became a permanent part of Valtasiirto’s equipment.

We were allowed to try out the new breaker in peace before making the decision. Normet took care of the delivery and other services smoothly and as was agreed. In terms of its specifications, the new breaker was similar to the one it replaced. While there were some differences in striking frequency, we saw during the trial period that the new breaker was well suited for the kind of work we do, Sillberg says.

The new XB14 breaker has seen plenty of use at a smelting plant where various raw materials are smelted into metals for industrial use. The breaker is used to remove slag from the refinery’s converter furnace several times a day. The temperature of the slag is around 1300–1400 degrees Celsius, which means that the breaker must be able to perform optimally in extreme conditions.

The breaker must be extremely durable, have high precision and be effective enough. The air around the slag can easily be around 1000 degrees Celsius, but the breaker must still deliver enough impact energy, and it must do so with great precision. The breaker glows red as it works, but the XB14 has excellent heat resistance, Sillberg says.

Trusted partners support each other year after year

Valtasiirto has been happy with the breaker recommended by Marakon’s specialists. While the body of the new breaker is comparatively stout for durability reasons, over time, the dimensions of the breaker have become familiar. Another essential feature is the long and sturdy tool, which compensates for the stoutness of the body and allows the breaker to run smoothly and efficiently. According to Sillberg, the breaker’s features are well suited to the requirements of the work.

The breaker’s body has taken well to the long operating hours, and despite the heat, there have been no issues. The breaker operators report that the XB14 is easy to use and that the slag comes off the furnace easily. Which is what matters the most in that job, Sillberg says.

In addition to a positive product experience, Valtasiirto’s trust in Marakon and Normet’s expertise remains strong. Sillberg describes Marakon and Normet as conscientious and efficient partners. Several decades of experience in the industry and with machinery allow them to offer excellent customer service and superior work.

Their maintenance services always run like clockwork. We always agree on things beforehand, and they always do exactly as we have agreed. We always receive the help we need, and they are highly reliable partners.

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