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TamCem RMA 79


TamCem RMA 79 can enhance productivity with the ability to improve the performance of your sprayed concrete by improving mix design robustness and cohesion with all different types of sand and aggregate grading. With an improved concrete admixture, the rebound is reduced, and less dust is dispersed during the spraying process, resulting in less waste and reducing the risk of respiratory problems to workers.

Increase mix design robustness

Key specification

  • Rheology modifying admixture for improving the performance of wet and hardened concrete
  • Specially developed for improving the cohesion and enhancing sprayability and pumpability of concrete

Key benefits

  • Enhances sprayability properties
      Increase mix design robustness allowing moisture and gap grading tolerancesImproves cohesion - minimise the need for additional wash out between spraysHigh early strengthAbility to increase build thickness in a single passReduce the need to clean up waste from rebound
  • Minimise the excess use of materials and the need for disposal of incoherent admixtures
      Reduce bleeding and segregationReduce rebound
  • Minimise the respiratory hazards to the operator
      Reduce dust when mixing due to its liquid formReduce dust during spraying

Typical applications

  • Temporary and permanent rock support in mining and tunnelling
  • Slope stabilisation
  • Suitable for ready mix and precast concrete use


TamCem RMA 79

TamCem RMA 79 Technical Data Sheet - Global Version

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