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TamCrete CR is a non-toxic environmentally friendly concrete remover for the non-mechanical removal of hardened concrete residue found on all equipment used for batching, transporting and placing/injecting cementitious materials.

It's a fact that clean machines are more reliable and less prone to breakdowns


Regular cleaning and flushing after each use is an essential part of your machine maintenance and will prevent failures caused by build-up of materials.

Follow these 3 Golden Rules:

1. Apply a coating of TamCrete EasyClean to all surfaces before every use.
2. Clean down with high pressure washer after every use and use TamCrete CR for those stubborn deposits.
3. Thoroughly flush out all concrete and additive lines after use.

Key specification

  • Concrete equipment cleaner and concrete remover

Key benefits

  • Non-toxic rapid-action product
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Removes cement-based residues, hardened concrete and mortars
  • Does not damage materials like steel, aluminium, glass, rubber or paint
  • Extends the working life of the equipment.

Typical applications

  • Concrete batching plants, truck mixers and agitators
  • Spray concrete robots
  • Grouting equipment
  • Concrete and cement injection pumps
  • Steel shutters
  • Cleaning concrete surfaces


TamCrete CR

TamCrete CR Technical Data Sheet - Global Version

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