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TamCem HCA Plus


TamCem HCA Plus is a consistence controlling admixture for sprayed concrete meeting the requirements layout in EN 934-5. Unlike other consistence controlling admixtures, TamCem HCA Plus contains Normet’s unique dormant strength enhancing technology to give early age strength boosts to sprayed concrete when accelerated using an alkali-free set accelerator, such as TamShot 100AF.

By adjusting the dosage, mix open time can be tailored to suit the required needs.

Contains a unique dormant accelerator to boost early strength of accelerated sprayed concrete.

Key specification

  • High strength hydration control admixture
  • Consistent control admixture, incorporating a dormant strength enhancer

Key benefits

  • Controllable, long open time for enhanced placement and delivery control.
  • Contains a unique dormant accelerator to boost the early strength of accelerated sprayed concrete.

Early age strength of sprayed concrete mix. Cem II/A-V, TamShot 100AF, showing improved strength gain when TamCem HCA Plus is used in place of TamCem HCA.

Typical applications

  • Reacts with all commonly used Portland cement types
  • Can be used to control hydration of all cement based grouts or concrete types
  • Sprayed concrete
  • Mixes were prolonged open time is required


TamCem HCA Plus

TamCem HCA Plus Technical Data Sheet - Global Version

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