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TamCem HCA


TamCem HCA is a liquid additive for all fresh concrete and grout mixes where extended “open-time” becomes a crucial requirement for the construction process time frame.  The product is designed to efficiently control cement hydration to allow for extended waiting times or delays on site, or readymix concrete transportation times. TamCem HCA eliminates the amount of rejected concrete due to loss of workability and helps contractors to stay within or even reduce the initially calculated material budget.

TamCem HCA is a high performance hydration control admixture for all wet sprayed concrete. It can be used in tunnelling applications where low rebound and high performance in combination with TamShot alkali-free accelerator is needed.

By adjusting the dosage, setting times of fresh concrete can be extended, giving an open-time typically in the range of 4 to 8 hours, but can be extended up to 2 days if required.

TamCem HCA meets EN 934-2 requirements for set retarding admixtures, EN 934-5 requirements for consistency control admixtures and ASTM C-494 requirements for Type B, retarding and Type D, water reducing and retarding admixtures.

Significantly reduces the disposal of rejected/returned mixes

Key specification

  • Hydration Control Admixture for extended life
  • Liquid Admixture for Controlled Concrete Hydration

Key benefits

  • Controlled extended life of concrete or grout mix allowing increased flexibility on site
  • Allows city centre job sites to stockpile fresh concrete and grout mixes during day shifts to negate the need for night-time batching
  • Significantly reduces the disposal of rejected/returned mixes
  • Enhances the performance of sprayed concrete set accelerators
  • Beneficial in high temperatures and high humidity application environments

Typical applications

  • Reacts with all commonly used Portland cement types
  • Can be used to control hydration of all cement based grouts or concrete types
  • Sprayed concrete
  • Pre-excavation grouting using TamCrete MFC grouts
  • TBM Backfill grouts
  • All concrete and cement grout applications where extended mix life is required


TamCem HCA

TamCem HCA Technical Data Sheet - Global Version

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