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TamCem 60PC


TamCem 60PC is poly-carboxylic ether based high range water reducing admixture confirming ASTM C494 Type C & E and IS 9103 Accelerating Type. It has developed for Self-Compacting Concrete, high workable concrete, Sprayed Concrete, Ready Mixed Concrete etc. Its compatible with all cements to meet desired performance.

TamCem 60PC consist of selective polycarboxylate ether based long chain polymers branched with ethoxylates, selective neutralize hydroxycarboxylic acid to give high water reduction and longer open time to facilitate longer time for concrete placement without significant delayed setting of the concrete.

Traditional SNF based admixture adsorbed by cement (Moistened) granules. They wrap around the cement (Moisten) granules and developed negative charges. This electrostatic force causes the cement paste to disperse. Hence the cement particles de-flock and demand less water in compare to concrete without admixture.

TamCem 60PC has different chemical structure, initially after mixing with cement (Moisten) it also develop negative charges around the cement paste, but the side chains linked to the backbone generates a steric hindrance provides a physical barrier, along with the electrostatic barrier, between the cement grains. Dual repulsive force gives more dispersibility to cement paste; hence TamCem 60PC gives higher water reduction.

Better resistance to carbonation and other atmospheric conditions

Key specification

  • High range water reducing, superplasticising admixture for India

Key benefits

  • Low water-cement ratio enhances high early and ultimate strength of concrete
  • High flowability provides easy placement and compaction
  • Higher E modulus
  • Better resistance to carbonation and other atmospheric conditions
  • Dispersibility of cement partials reduces permeability of concrete also discontinued spore in concrete resulting low water penetration
  • Reduce shrinkage and creep

Typical applications

  • High-workable concrete
  • High performance concrete
  • Durable concrete
  • Ready mixed concrete
  • Cold weather concrete


TamCem 60PC

TamCem 60PC Technical Data Sheet - India Version

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