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TamCem 8BFG


TamCem 8BFG is a special plasticiser/retarder for TBM backfill grouts and some concrete applications. It is a non-chloride liquid admixture formulated to give high water reduction, greater workability and extended open time to concrete and cementitious grouts. It is compatible with all cements meeting recognised international standards. It complies with the requirements of EN 934-2 and ASTM C 494 for Type B retarding admixtures.
TamCem 8BFG extends the hydration process by retarding both initial and final set times and enhances strength through cement particle dispersion. In TBM backfill grouts the setting and hydration control can be regulated using sodium silicate accelerators such as with TamShot 10SS.

Controllable, long open time, enhanced placement and delivery control.

Key specification

  • Special plasticiser / Retarder for TBM backfill grouts

Key benefits

  • Good cohesion, no segregation and minimal bleed water with extremely high levels of workability.
  • Controllable, long open time, enhanced placement and delivery control.
  • High elastic modulus, low shrinkage and creep are achievable with graded coarse and fine aggregates.
  • Superior surface finishes.

Typical applications

  • TBM backfill grout admixture
  • High performance concrete
  • Mixing logistics efficiency during large pour
  • Hot weather concrete and grouting
  • Peak temperature controlled concrete
  • Highly durable concrete
  • Ideal for long distance transportation of ready mixed concrete


TamCem 8BFG

Technical Data Sheet - Global Version

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