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TamCem 9BFG


TamCem 9BFG is primarily a plasticiser/set retarder for TBM backfill grouts. Secondly, TamCem 9BFG contains Normet’s unique dormant strength-enhancing technology to give early-age strength boosts to grouts when accelerated using a set accelerator, such as TamShot 10SS.

TamCem 9BFG is a non-chloride liquid admixture formulated to give high water reduction, greater workability and extended open time. It is compatible with all types of cement meeting recognised international standards. It complies with the requirements of EN 934-2 for water-reducing/set retarding admixtures.

Contains a unique dormant accelerator to boost the early strength of accelerated back-fill grouts

Key specification

  • Set retarding plasticising admixture for grouts, incorporating a strength enhancer

Key benefits

  • Contains a unique dormant accelerator to boost early strength of accelerated back-fill grouts
  • Good cohesion, no segregation and minimal bleed water with extremely high levels of workability
  • Controllable, long open time for enhanced placement and delivery control
  • Up to 50 % cost saving per m³ of grout. From a reduction in the cement and accelerator required as a like for like comparison in terms of strength

Typical applications

  • Tunnelling and mining
  • Back-Fill grouts
  • TBM


TamCem 9BFG

TamCem 9BFG Technical Data Sheet - Global Version

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