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TamAcryl 2000 LTX (ECO Range)


TamAcryl 2000 LTX is part of our new ECO range and is produced by Normet UK Ltd. in line with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and Normet’s Global Construction Chemical manufacturing guidelines. It is supplied as a 5 Part “Set” and mixed as per the following guidelines to form a two component injection system.

Upon mixing of the components, a chemical reaction occurs and a permanent waterproof gel is formed for use in water stopping applications where product performance, durability and flexibility are required. The material gel time can be controlled to suit site conditions, making the product versatile to a range of site and climatic conditions.

Key specification

  • Acrylic injection resin gel, polymer reinforced

Key benefits

TamAcryl 2000 LTX (ECO Range)

  • Potable water certified with WRAS
  • Permanent water stopping
  • Ultra-low viscosity for crack penetration
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Reacts even in the presence of mineral and saline conditions
  • Tailored to both low and high temperatures using Part A2 Accelerator and Part A3 Retarder
  • Easy-to-mix and applicator friendly
  • Simple mixing to allow controllable gelling/setting times

Typical applications

  • Leak sealing (masonry and concrete)
  • Tunnel linings (cracks and gaskets)
  • Injection tubes and hoses (compatible with all major hose systems)
  • Expansion, construction and cold joints
  • Soil stabilisation
  • Secondary injection underground basements, carparks, road underpass
  • Shaft wall linings (VSM, SCL, Cast)
  • PVC compartmentalised membrane grouting


TamAcryl 2000 LTX (ECO Range)

TamAcryl 2000 LTX (ECO Range) Technical Data Sheet - Middle-East Version

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