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TamPur 130 (ECO Range)


TamPur 130 is part of our new ECO range and is a single component, high foaming, semi flexible water reactive polyurethane injection resin. TamPur 130 (ECO Range) has been formulated to effectively seal cracks and joints in construction that exhibit a degree of movement, forming a semi flexible, closed cell foam sealant. The reaction speed of the resin can be adjusted using TamKat 130 providing flexibility on the job site. TamPur 130 (ECO Range) is phthalate free and environmentally friendly.

TamPur 130 (ECO Range) is tested according to EN1504-5 in compliance with CE-marking.

Semi-flexible, closed cell foam for sealing cracks and joints

Key specification

  • 1-Component semi-flexible polyurethane injection resin

Key benefits

TamPur 130 (ECO Range)

  • Phthalate free, environmentally safe, non-toxic
  • Variable reaction times
  • Semi-flexible
  • Reacts with saline and mineral water
  • Medium viscosity

Typical applications

  • Sealing against water ingress
  • Sealing against leaking cracks and joints
  • Sealing against water in masonry and brickwork
  • Filling of small voids
  • Back grouting


TamPur 130 (ECO Range)

TamPur 130 (ECO Range) Technical Data Sheet - UK VersionTamPur 130 A (ECO Range) Technical Data Sheet - Australia VersionNormet Environmentally Friendly Injection Products Brochure Normet Injection Solutions for Water Control and Ground Engineering Brochure

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