TamPur 170 LV (ECO Range)


TamPur 170 LV is part of our new ECO range and is a two component, low viscosity, hydrophobic polyurethane injection resin formulated to produce a highly resilient flexible gasket. TamPur 170 LV (ECO Range) is especially suited for elastic filling/bonding of cracks, joints and voids that exhibit movement and for injection into injection tubes. TamPur 170 LV (ECO Range) is commonly used as permanent primary injection and for second pass injection to tighten up. TamPur 170 LV (ECO Range) is phthalate free and environmentally friendly.

TamPur 170 LV (ECO Range) is tested according to EN1504-5 in compliance with CE-marking.

Suited for elastic filling and bonding of cracks

Key specification

  • 2-Component low viscosity and flexible polyurethane injection resin with longer open time

Key benefits

TamPur 170 LV

  • Phthalate free, environmentally safe, non-toxic
  • Extra-low viscosity
  • QCS compliant (wet crack injection)
  • Contact with water speeds up reaction
  • For use with either 1- or 2- component injection pumps
  • Forms an impermeable elastomeric seal
  • Can withstand very high pressure
  • Can be cut or drilled out
  • Slightly expansive and resilient
  • Flexible

Typical applications

  • Elastic filling of cracks, cavities and defects
  • Sealing and waterproofing cracks
  • Sealing cable and pipe entries
  • Sealing dry cracks prone to periodical water ingress
  • Permanent primary injection or second pass injection
  • For use with pre-fabricated injection tube


TamPur 170 LV (ECO Range)

TamPur 170 LV (ECO Range) Technical Data Sheet - Middle-East VersionNormet Environmentally Friendly Injection Products Brochure Normet Injection Solutions for Water Control and Ground Engineering Brochure

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