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Aliva 403.3


Aliva dosing units simplify the precise dosing of liquid admixtures. Crafted from high-quality materials, standard features include an Inox fitting with a manometer and a suction hose with a lance.

For added convenience and compliance with regulations in many countries, the backflow preventer for drinking water protection is available as an optional feature for all versions.

Additional options

  • Chassis, for easy transportation
  • Overvoltage diverter, to equalize high voltage peaks
  • Back-flow preventing valve for the protection of potable water

Key specification

  • Additive-adding for dry and wet spraying
  • Pumping output: 24 - 240 litre/h
  • Manual adjustment
  • Electric motor
  • Reliable and rugged
  • Combine with any pump or rotor machine



  • Inox fitting with manometer and push switch
  • Frequency converter with potentiometer for manual adjustment
  • Suction hose with lance


  • Precise dosing (factory set)
  • For dry and wet spraying
  • Stepless output adjustment
  • Compact and robust design
  • Dry run resistant


Aliva 403.3

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