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Normet Analytics

Normet Analytics

Normet Analytics adds additional features on top of the Connectivity package.

Use data to improve productivity

Connect your fleet and use data to improve the productivity of your operations. Normet Analytics includes everything from Connectivity solution and adds additional features on top.

Advanced data insights reports

In addition to the Customer Portal dashboards you get access to our interactive analytics reports, which enable drilling down, comparing and slicing the data in an intuitive manner. The following reports are included:

  • Fleet Health for Diesel Equipment
  • Fleet Health for SmartDrive Equipment
  • Sustainability report for SmartDrive Equipment
  • Spraying Process report
  • Brake Violation report
  • Alert report

Local data storage

Option to use of your local server instead of cloud data storage.

Data export and sharing

Data integration and ingestion to customer's own data storages and visualisation tools. Data sharing enables following benefits

  • Curated raw machine data available on the cloud
  • Ability to download and ingest data from full fleet
  • Data storage for one year
  • Mass data transfer
  • Data ingestion to third party data management tools

Options for Normet connected solutions

Normet Connectivity

  • Data collection solution
  • Cloud data storage
  • Normet Portal

Normet Analytics

Includes everything in Normet Connectivity, plus:

  • Advanced reports
  • Local/On-site data storage solution
  • Data export and sharing

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