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Normet Connectivity

Normet Connectivity

By connecting your machinery and harnessing data, we empower you to make informed decisions that enhance productivity, safety, and availability.

Use data to improve productivity

Connect your fleet and use data to improve the productivity of your operations. Normet's Connectivity solutions use secure networks to gather accurate, real-time data from your Normet equipment.

Data collection and storage solution

Connectivity hardware is prerequisite for data collection service; module is typically included in Normet equipment already from the factory but also available as a retrofit option. The connectivity module preprocesses and stores the data before it is sent to Normet’s secure cloud storage. The data is transferred through a Wi-Fi or a 3G/4G/LTE network. Data security is essential part of the service. Data is encrypted and transferred via secure protocols. Data from equipment is stored in cloud solution so it can be accessed at any time, and so that is can be analysed later.

Normet makes data easy-to-understand

We use our equipment and process expertise to transform data into valuable insights, presenting it an easy-to-understand format in the Normet Portal. Long-term data can be used to see trends and predict needs. For example, you can use the actual machine operating hours to optimise maintenance intervals. In addition, you can follow how equipment is being used, to ensure safe and efficient operation, and to identify training needs for your operators.

Options for Normet connected solutions

Normet Connectivity

  • Data collection solution
  • Cloud data storage
  • Normet Portal

Normet Analytics

Includes everything in Normet Connectivity, plus:

  • Advanced reports
  • Local/On-site data storage solution
  • Data export and sharing

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