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TamSeal 4000E


TamSeal 4000E is a 4.5 kg APP Modified Torch-Applied Bituminous Waterproofing Membrane. The surface is mineral slate, coated on a heavy-duty high strength, nonwoven polyester mat. The mineral slate provides excellent UV protection and is suitable for light pedestrian traffic. The rigid nature coupled with excellent UV resistance of the membrane provides for long weathering and maintains the properties for an extended period of time.

Resistance to waterborne chemical attacks.

Key specification

  • Torch-applied bituminous waterproofing membrane

Key benefits

  • Excellent UV resistance.
  • Excellent rigidness, reduced risk of site damage by other trade works.
  • Easy application, withstands thermal shocks.
  • Resistance to waterborne chemical attacks.
  • Excellent resistance to atmospheric pressure. 

Typical applications

  • Exposed waterproofing membrane most suited for concrete roof decks where light pedestrian traffic is required
  • The membrane is torch applied by heating gently the underside with a propane gas torch causing the surface to melt and subsequent adhesion to the primed surface.
  • It is used as a single layer system with relatively simple and easy installation that requires no curing. It is accessible immediately after the membrane is laid.


TamSeal 4000E

TamSeal 4000E Technical Data Sheet - Asia Version

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