The unique scanner and software package


Normet SmartScan combines the latest sensor technology with the proven Normet equipment for sprayed concrete applications from tunnel construction sites to sprayed concrete applications. Using 3D laser scanning technology, SmartScan eliminates the need for manual calculations using probes and work site can significantly improve the efficiency and safety of sprayed concrete processes.

With Normet SmartScan, the operator can automatically calculate and monitor applied sprayed concrete thickness and volumes for enhanced efficiency and less wastage. SmartScan uses advanced technology equipped on the machine to remotely scan areas where repairs and concrete application may be needed, making the finishing touch with the first try.

The unique scanner and software package creates accurate point cloud data of the measured surface with only a touch of a button. The data is then used to visualise the applied sprayed concrete thickness in real-time. Once the sprayed concrete has been applied, another scan can be automated to calculate the thickness. The results are highly visual, easy to understand and can be exported for retrospective analysis or automatically generated concrete thickness reports.


  • Easy to operate with simple interface and visualizations
  • Fully automated calculations, reporting and alerts
  • Full consultation based on your operational requirements
  • Compact and portable – utilizes lightweight LiDAR technology
  • Functional in any environment
  • No targets required

On-board software showing a single scanning complete.


  • Streamlined custom work flows for bespoke projects
  • Data analysis for LiDar based measurements
  • Offline comparison of the scans of a project
  • Creation of sprayed concrete thickness reports

Off-board software showing a comparison scan result.

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