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TamCrete PLL


TamCrete PLL is a non-toxic, non-alkaline and environmentally friendly pump and concrete delivery line primer that provides lubrication to assist the delivery of concrete to the nozzel. TamCrete PLL negates pump operatives manually handling cement to prepare pump priming grouts. TamCrete PLL leaves behind a lubricating coating on the inside of the concrete delivery lines, which supports in stopping mix segregation and aggregates locking during pumping.

TamCrete PLL is supplied in soluble 100 g sachets and should be mixed with 30 litres of water to provide adequate lubricating liquid for most concrete pumping applications including sprayed concrete.

Non-toxic and non-alkaline

Key specification

  • Concrete pump line lubricant

Key benefits

  • Simple and easy to use – one sachet per treatment
  • Non-toxic and non-alkaline
  • Suitable with all types of concrete pumping and spraying machines
  • Aids concrete pumping and reduces the risk of line blockages
  • Offers a safe alternative to traditional cement grout priming processes

Typical applications

  • Concrete pumps
  • Grouting equipment
  • Sprayed concrete equipment


TamCrete PLL

TamCrete PLL Technical Data Sheet - Global Version

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