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TamAcryl 4000 (ECO Range)


TamAcryl 4000 A is part of our ECO range and is an ultralow viscosity, hydrophilic acrylic injection resin formulated to produce a highly resilient, polymer extended flexible gel gasket with high performance suitable for expansion joints.

TamAcryl 4000 A (ECO-Range) ultralow viscosity enables excellent penetration capability into the finest cracks and joints. TamAcryl 4000 A (ECO-Range) also commonly used as a permanent primary injection, for second pass injection to tighten up and for injection tubes. TamAcryl 4000 A (ECO-Range) is a water based and environmentally friendly system of multi-functional methacrylates. The final product is a soft, elastic and tacky crosslinked gel.

Highly resilient flexible gel gasket

Key specification

  • Elastic Methacrylate based injection system for sealing and consolidation works in presence of water

Key benefits

TamAcryl 4000 (ECO Range)

  • Acrylamide free
  • Ultra-low viscosity
  • Reversible swelling
  • Polymer reinforced
  • Adjustable get times from a few seconds to a few minutes as per site/project requirements
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Reacts even in the presence of mineral and saline

Typical applications

  • Leak sealing
  • Injection tubes
  • Construction and cold joints
  • Reinforced acrylate with high performance suitable for expansion joints
  • Primary permanent injection or secondary injection to tighten up soil stabilisation


TamAcryl 4000 (ECO Range)

TamAcryl 4000 A ECO Technical Data Sheet - Australia VersionNormet Injection Solutions for Water Control and Ground Engineering Brochure Normet Environmentally Friendly Injection Products Brochure

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