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Forefront of Resin Technology. Providing Systems that are Environmentally Safe.

Normet is at the core of modern technology with a comprehensive range of ground engineering resin and grouts permitting contractors to undertake their works efficiently and effectively with products developed specifically for tunnelling, mining and general civil construction applications.

Normet Construction Chemicals is a world leader in waterproofing products used for building, civil engineering, basements and tunnelling. Normet is more than simply a manufacturer, we provide comprehensive solutions – “from the deepest foundations to the roof”. Wherever water needs to be stopped or retained, Normet has a product or a system to do it. With over 30 years of continued investment in all aspects of waterproofing, Normet’s portfolio of solutions is second to none.

The design of the sprayed concrete tunnel linings for Crossrail typically adopted the use of spray applied waterproofing membrane between two layers of permanent sprayed concrete. However structures on the west side of London were constructed through sandy clays, and therefore the risk of higher water ingress in the lower level tunnels drove the design towards conventional PVC sheet membranes. At Farringdon Station, BFK JV adopted the use of TamSeal 800 spray membranes for the higher level escalator and ventilation shafts as they were driven in the London Clay formation.

Fast Reacting Single Component Hydrophobic Polyurethane Resin

Single Component (1K) Hydrophilic Polyurethane Resin

Semi-Flexible, Fast Reacting, Single-pack Polyurethane Grout

Two Component Non-foaming Highly Flexible Polyurethane Grout

Two Component High Strength Hydrophobic Polyurethane Resin

Two component silicate polyurethane foam designed for rapid cavity fillings and concrete and strata consolidation.

Single Component Hydrophobic Semi-Flexible Polyurethane Resin

Single Component Hydrophilic Polyurethane Resin

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