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TamSeal RC


TamSeal RC is a flexible elastomeric liquid applied membrane specifically designed to waterproof a variety of external surfaces.  Enhanced UV resistant properties create a product that can be used as a weatherproof membrane with flexibility and durability. TamSeal RC offers long-term protection against varying climate conditions for external substrates. Suitable for use over horizontal and vertical surfaces, TamSeal RC resists fungi and algae growth and prevents salt and carbon attack to the substrate.

The standard colours are white and light grey.

Enhanced UV resistant properties

Key specification

  • Liquid elastomeric acrylic waterproof membrane

Key benefits

TamSeal RC

  • Water based - TamSeal RC contains no toxins or dangerous odours and is free of solvents and hazardous materials. The coating is environmentally safe and spillages can be cleaned with water whilst still wet.
  • Elastomeric and flexible - Flexible properties enable this product to accommodate normal substrate surface movement without rupture.
  • Waterproof and UV resistant - When applied to the correct thickness, the cured membrane exhibits excellent long-term resistance to UV light and climate exposure, providing a durable weatherproof membrane.
  • Resistant to fungi and algae growth - TamSeal RC resists the growth of fungi and algae preventing organic staining and subsequent removal maintenance costs.
  • Resistant to salt and carbon attack – TamSeal RC cured membrane will resist deterioration from salt and carbon attack. The membrane is therefore ideal for facades and other exposed surfaces subject to aggressive conditions.
  • Tough and durable – TamSeal RC forms a tough and durable membrane providing long-term protection to the substrate. Once cured, the membrane can withstand light foot traffic.

Typical applications

  • Rooftops and podium decks
  • Parapet walls
  • Vertical walls & facades
  • General weather exposed surfaces


TamSeal RC

TamSeal RC Technical Data Sheet - Asia Version

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