M-range breakers


M-range is the middle-range, consisting of four breakers designed for applications such as frozen ground and rock breaking, and urban and infrastructure works e.g. demolition and roadside breaking. Their working weights vary from 740 kg to 1680 kg, meant for excavators from 8 ton up to 26 ton.

All M-range breakers have a wide selection of tools available. They are vibration and noise dampened, and they have membrane type accumulator, heavy duty hammer housing, and durable polyurethane buffers as a standard. Automatic greasing device and idle blow protection can be selected as an option. Additionally, for special applications we offer optional hot and underwater kits.

Key specification

  • Middle-sized range of hydraulic breakers
  • Working weight: From 740 kg to 1680 kg
  • Excavator weight: From 8 ton to 26 ton


Productivity and efficiency

  • Safe operation with maximum production & minimum cost
  • Guaranteed fit for purpose with the help of Normet’s application experts
  • Minimum process downtime
  • Excellent serviceability
  • Great resale value
  • Tailored special tools e.g., extra-long tools
  • Optional hot and underwater kits
  • Optional idle blow protection
  • Optional automatic greasing device


M-range breakers

M-range Breakers Technical Data SheetNormet Xrock Breakers Brochure

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