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Readymix & Precast Admixtures

Normet's high performing range of admixtures including Water reducing admixtures, superplasticizers, accelerating admixtures, enhancing admixtures set retarding admixtures and fibres.


Concrete Admixtures Concrete Improvers

Concrete Admixtures

Normet's high performing and innovative range of admixtures creates concrete that improves performance including strength, high workability, anti-wash out through to crack control and resistance.


TamCem 11

  • Superplasticiser for high performance concrete

TamCem 18

  • Superplasticiser for microfine cement injection /concrete with extreme workability
Superplasticiser - 6

TamCem 23

  • High water reduction and high flowability superplasticising concrete admixture

TamCem 23SSR

  • High water reduction superplasticising concrete admixture
Normet Readymix and Precast 2

TamCem 66

  • High water reduction and offer superior slump retention up to 4 hours
Normet Admixture for Precast

TamCem 67

  • Superplasticising and accelerating admixture for precast concrete

TamCem 77TG

  • Consistence modifier for concrete and grouts with no water reducing effect

TamCem 102

  • Extreme workability characteristics for high slump, flowable concrete

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