Charmec LC 605 D(V)

Charmec LC 605 D(V) charger with diesel hydraulic drive is designed for face and production charging in underground mines and tunnels up to 65 m² cross sections where max face height is 8.8 m.

Place for external emulsion kit is located in the middle the unit. Ready designed place for stick powder boxes, primers and detonators makes it possible to bring all the needed materials to the workplace at once and eliminates the need for an additional explosive service vehicle. Compressor option eliminates the need for external pressure air line.

The liquid cooled turbo charged Deutz 155 kW or MB 170 kW Tier 3 approved engine provides clean and efficient operation and gives maximum speed of 25 km/h and 8 km/h in upward 1:7 inclined tunnel.

The FOPS / ROPS approved safety canopy / cabin with pivotal operator’s seat provides comfortable compartment for the driver and his assistant. The enclosed cabin provides noise level < 75 dB.

Self extinguishing marine type wire harness with tinned wires and water tight conduits are specially designed for safe and reliable operation in tough underground conditions. All daily checks can be done from the ground level.

Charmec LC 605 Explosives Charging Equipment

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