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TamCrete UFC


TamCrete UFC range of ultrafine cements incorporate selected granulated blast furnace slag and Portland Cement as an activator. TamCrete UFC cements are ideally suited for permeation grouting into soils due to their fine particle size or injection into tight rock formations.

Our range includes:

  • UFC Fine: 95% PSD smaller than 16 µm, mainly used for grouting coarse sands and soils (0.63 – 2 mm) or tight rock formations.
  • UFC Ultra: 95% PSD smaller than 9.6 µm, mainly used for grouting medium sands and soils (0.2 – 0.63 mm).
  • UFC Xxtra: 95% PSD smaller than 6 µm, mainly used for grouting fine sands and soils (0.063 – 0.2 mm).

All our TamCrete UFC materials are quality assured by the Cement Industry Quality Assurance Scheme, independently monitored by the British Standards Institute (BSI QAS 2420/47).

High resistance against chemical attack

Key specification

  • Ultrafine Injection Cement

Key benefits

  • Standard cement injection equipment can be used
  • Superior penetration into soils
  • High stability
  • High resistance against chemical attack
  • Better working environment and no hazardous components
  • Durable
  • Economical solution

Typical applications

  • Soil consolidation and stabilisation
  • Increasing soil bearing capacity
  • Rock fissure grouting
  • Forming water cut off barriers in soil
  • Concrete or masonry repair
  • Underpinning


TamCrete UFC

TamCrete UFC Technical Data Sheet - Global Version

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