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TamCrete TopShot


TamCrete TopShot is a specially formulated cement based, pre-bagged, gunite mix for dry spray application. It is suitable for sprayed repairs, and infilling of piles and is designed to be used as a regulating layer in sprayed concrete linings. TamCrete TopShot can be supplied with the inclusion of microsynthetic fibres to provide fire resistance properties.

TamCrete TopShot can be sprayed using a Normet Piccola or GM drymix sprayed concrete pump (Previously known as MEYCO Piccola and GM).

Specifically designed to reduce rebound and waste

Key specification

  • Gunite for concrete structural repair
  • Pre-bagged gunite mix for sprayed repairs, infilling of piles and as a regulating layer in sprayed concrete linings

Key benefits

  • Pre-blended and bagged to ensure uniformity and quality
  • Specifically designed to reduce rebound and waste
  • High build with one application
  • User friendly dry mix gunite spraying
  • Just add potable water as required
  • Excellent bond to steel and prepared substrates
  • Steel protection due to high density and alkalinity
  • Microsilica rich formulation providing enhanced concrete durability and compressive strength

Typical applications

  • Mining applications for stabilising and strengthening e.g. ribs, tunnel walls, underground workshops, roofing and back walls, protection of portals and embankments.
  • Sprayed concrete regulating layer for tunnel smoothing prior to application of sprayed applied water proofing systems such as TamSeal 800, or to create a smoothened final coat
  • Fireproofing and steel encasement
  • All concrete repairs, including sewers, marine environments, bridges and tunnels.


TamCrete TopShot

TamCrete TopShot Technical Data Sheet - Global Version

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