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Normet Self Drilling Anchor® (SDA)


Normet’s hollow steel self-drilling anchor solutions are designed to solve the problem of keeping boreholes open in unconsolidated or fractured ground. These SDA systems are suitable for simultaneous drilling and grouting in many tunnelling, mining, or ground engineering applications. Removing the need for borehole casting and combining drilling, bolt installation and grouting in one process greatly increases installation speed and efficiency. Six bolt types provide safety and functionality in any type of rock and ground conditions.

The main feature of the Normet Self-Drilling Anchor (SDA) system is the application of a single-use drill bit in combination with the rock bolt being used as a drill steel. Thus, the rock bolt is connected to the hydraulic rock drill by an adapter device and installed in the way a conventional borehole is drilled. The Normet SDA program consists of the following:

  • Single-use drill bits, which are available either hardened or with carbide inserts
  • Hollow, steel bars, with a continuous outside thread
  • Steel couplings, with a continuous inside thread
  • Steel nuts
  • Steel face plates


Normet Self Drilling Anchor® (SDA)

Normet Self Drilling Anchor® (SDA)

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