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TamSeal 800L


TamSeal 800L is a high performance, single component spray applied membrane (wet spray), for durable and long design life waterproofing system suitable for underground structures, particularly sprayed concrete lined tunnels. This new easy spray system avoids the use of dry powder or mixing associated with systems that require two components or water additions at the nozzle.

Excellent compatibility to sprayed concrete linings enable ‘double bonded’ conditions limiting water tracking along the bond-line for both primary and secondary linings.

Clean and effortless application providing a durable waterproof membrane system

Key specification

  • Wet Spray Applied Waterproofing Membrane

Key benefits

TamSeal 800L - Wet Spray Applied Waterproofing Membrane

  • Clean simple airless spray application perfectly suited to complex underground geometries.
  • Waterproof: zero water penetration at bond-line tested in accordance with BS EN 12390-8.
  • Water-based, elastomeric polymer, non toxic with little to no overspray or rebound.
  • Pumping direct from IBC 1000 L containers, ensures minimal packaging on site, and maximum output without interruptions or extra labour unbagging, or emptying buckets.
  • 2 colour system in terracotta orange and grey make QC and visual checks simple and effective.
  • Tough and flexible, suitable for the over-spraying with steel or poly fibre sprayed concrete.

Typical applications

  • Sprayed concrete tunnel, shaft and cavern linings
  • Underground structures, tunnels, shafts
  • Protecting concrete against aggressive water ingress
  • Infrastructure projects where sprayed waterproofing systems need to meet stringent International Tunnelling Association (ITA) guidelines


TamSeal 800L

TamSeal 800L Technical Data Sheet - Australia Version

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