Ground Engineering

Forefront of Resin Technology. Providing Systems that are Environmentally Safe.


Normet is at the core of modern technology with a comprehensive range of ground engineering resin and grouts permitting contractors to undertake their works efficiently and effectively with products developed specifically for tunnelling, mining and general civil construction applications including:

  • Stabilisation of rock, coals, soils and concrete materials
  • Stabilisation of convergence
  • Stabilisation of caved material
  • Control of water ingress
  • Pre injection into faulted zones (PEG) or soils to secure or to reduce hydraulic conductivity before advancement.
  • Primary and secondary support injection of any type of rock bolt, cable bolt, spilling bar etc.
  • Anchoring and securing
  • Slab jacking
  • Underpinning

Apart from offering unrivalled site and technical support, Normet supply a full range of auxiliary products for all grouting operations including packers and pumping equipment.

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  • Silicate polyurea resins
  • Acrylic injection resins
  • Colloidal silica
  • Microfine cements
  • Injection packers and accessories
  • Pumps and equipment
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