TBM Technology

Specialty chemicals for TBM tunnelling


TBM tunnelling without chemicals is unthinkable. Normet provides efficient TBM additives combined with expert advice to fully support our customers.

To protect our environment in the best possible way, Normet TBM additives are carefully developed with regards to their eco-compatibility and their use is thoroughly surveyed on site.

TBM Core Products

  • Soil Conditioners (foams / anti-clay agents / polymers) –TamSoil range
    • Allow to reduce cutterhead torque values
    • Secure the complete filling of the working chamber
    • Allow higher TBM speed
    • Decrease wear
    • Reduce necessary cleaning
  • Anti-Dust and Anti-Wear Additives –TamSoil 800AD / TamSoil 860AW
    • Cutter tool abrasion can be reduced by using foams combined with anti-wear polymers
  • Tail Sealants –TamSeal TG range
    • Keep the TBM tail shield watertight regardless of the outside pressure
  • Main Bearing Greases –TamGrease range
    • Protect and lubricate the main bearing
  • Annulus Grouts–TamCem 8BFG / TamCem 9BFG / TamCem 23SSR / TamCem HCA / TamShot 10SS
    • Used for filling the gap between the geology and the segments

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