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Minimec 2


Minimec 2 is a mobile concrete spraying solution for safe and efficient spraying in even the most restricted spaces. It consists of an extremely agile, robust carrier and a capable spray manipulator. The machine is powered by a state-of-the-art Stage V / Tier 4 diesel engine with low noise levels and equipped with features like independent drive hub motors for turning while stationary and hydraulic support legs along with additional foot blocks for maximum operating safety during the spraying process. In addition, it has six powerful LED lights, effectively illuminating the entire working environment. Fitted with a remote control system, the purpose-built Minimec 2 comes with a field-tested, astonishingly accurate and maneuverable spray head with an impressive working range and nozzle nutation to ensure high-quality concrete spraying results – almost anywhere.

We provide everything you need to get the best results with sprayed concrete for mining and tunnelling applications, both underground and on the surface. Our offering includes equipment for both concrete spraying and transportation, construction chemicals as well as supporting technologies and services.

Key specification

  • Mobile concrete spraying unit
  • Max. vertical reach: 7.2 m
  • Tramming height: 2.3 m



  • Spring-applied brakes

Ergonomics and operator environment

  • Available with a remote-driving system (RDS)
  • Four mechanical operating levers for controlling the tracks and the support legs

Productivity and efficiency

  • Agile spray boom with nozzle nutation and pressure compensated, proportionally controlled hydraulic movements
  • Radio remote control system with two joysticks for the spray boom (boom & nozzle head movements, nozzle nutation on/off)
  • Diesel-powered hydraulic pump for the carrier and the spray boom
  • 11 kW electric power pack with a hydraulic pump for the carrier and the spray boom
  • Hydraulic support legs with additional foot blocks for maximum operating stability
  • Easily accessible lifting points at the center of the machine
  • 6 powerful LED lights on the boom and the carrier


Minimec 2

Minimec 2 Stage IV and Stage V Technical Data Sheet Normet Equipment Brochure

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