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NorStreamer 30 V


NorStreamer 30 V is a mobile concrete pump for high-quality sprayed concrete application. It features the low-pulsation NSP 30 double-piston concrete pump with a volumetric pumping capacity of 30 m3/h and a fast-switching S-tube for durability and the best possible spraying results. The machine is also equipped with an unrivalled accelerator dosing system with either a peristaltic dosing pump or a progressive cavity pump, both fully synchronized with the concrete output through an integrated closed-loop control system. The NorStreamer is available in multiple different configurations to meet all customer needs and can be built with a frame extension for a 1000 l IBC accelerator tank with optional heating and mixing, allowing for smooth operation in colder climates. Fitted with a reliable and powerful hydraulic system and a special hopper grid with a hydraulically driven agitator, the machine comes with an advanced control system with wired or radio-operated remote control.

NorStreamer 30 V and our Minimec 2 are the unbeatable pair for high-quality and mobile application of sprayed concrete.

We provide everything you need to get the best results with sprayed concrete for mining and tunnelling applications, both underground and on the surface. Our offering includes equipment for both concrete spraying and transportation, construction chemicals as well as supporting technologies and services.

Key specification

  • Mobile concrete spraying pump
  • Tramming height: 1.9 m



  • Spring-applied brakes

Productivity and efficiency

  • Unrivalled, low-pulsation NSP 30 double piston concrete pump with an S-tube and changeover, a double-layer grill with vibrator and an agitator (up to 30 m3/h)
  • Accelerator dosing system with a peristaltic pump (also available with a progessive cavity pump)
  • Accelerator dosing fully synchronized with concrete delivery
  • Modular trailer frame with e.g., adjustable tow bar, adjustable mechanical support legs and 4 lifting points on top level (also available with a skid frame)
  • Optional Nordoser XEM accelerator dosing system with a screw pump
  • Available with both a heating element kit and an electrically-driven accelerator mixing kit for the IBC container
  • Optional cable/Wireless remote control for the pump (start/stop/reverse & output)
  • Optional extension / skid extension frame for a 1000 l IBC container
  • Optional lifting chains
  • Optional reducer kit
  • Available with manual/mechanized concrete spraying equipment


NorStreamer 30 V

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