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Himec SF 605


The Himec SF 605 boom lifter mechanizes man lifting in small and medium profile tunneling and mining works. Its 500 kg lifting load and maximum 6.4 m basket height allows to reach up to 8.5 m high roofs. The work can be accomplished safely, efficiently and comfortably from the level work platform, elevated to a optimum work height.

Normet’s Himecs are built to improve safety and productivity in underground lifting and installation works, with consistently high resale value and low lifetime costs.

Key specification

  • Boom lifter
  • Lifting capacity: Up to 500 kg
  • Max. vertical reach: 8.4 m
  • Tramming height: 2.3 m



  • FOPS/ROPS approved cabin
  • Cabin door interlock switches with safety brake application as standard and for the personnel compartment as an option
  • Optional reversing camera system for excellent reversing visibility
  • SAHR, fail-safe safety brakes
  • Optional safety roof or bar for the basket

Ergonomics and operator environment

  • Cabin designed with ergonomics and safety as the priority
  • Air-suspended T-back driver’s seat with 3-point seat belt
  • Optional air conditioning and heating
  • Multifunctional display with access to key driving information


Himec SF 605

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