Injection materials (Water control)

Injection waterproofing is the process of injecting a material into damaged or cracked structures to seal leaks, stop water ingress and make structures watertight for the long term.  The injected material can be acrylic gels, polyurethane resins, polyurethane foams or polyurethane grouts.

High foaming, fast reactive hydrophobic resins are effective in controlling or stopping difficult water ingress events. Normet offers both single (1K) and dual component (2K) resins providing flexibility to the end user. Our single component injection waterproofing resins’ reaction time can be adjusted at site through the addition of an accelerator, allowing the applicator to modify the reaction time to suit the conditions. Our two component resins, with built in accelerator are highly reactive and form a closed, dense and strong foam cell structure capable of withstanding high degrees of hydrostatic pressure. A separate accelerator can also be provided where even faster reaction times are required.

The use our injection waterproofing solutions also extends to mining operations where controlling water ingress is a necessity in allowing continued mine development or where a dry working environment is required. Our dual component (2K) resins are ideally suited for water control in mining applications due to the enhanced resistance to hydrostatic pressure, typically encountered in deep mining excavations.

Acrylic injection waterproofing resins are very flexible, have low viscosity and are hydrophilic so swell in contract with water which makes them the perfect choice to seal leaks and water ingress in hairline cracks and joints.

Polyurethane injection waterproofing resins are effective in stopping water ingress through concrete cracks, concrete joints, substrate opening, masonry and brick structures. They can be used in a variety of applications ranging from rapid water stop to permanently stopping water ingress. Most resins deliver high strength when set.

Normet provide a range of hand and electronically driven pumps for the injection of epoxy resins, polyurethane resins and grouts along with injection packers.

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