TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) Products

A range of environmentally friendly soil conditioners for different soil types and water conditions designed to reduce wear and improve the performance of EPB TBMs.


TBM Soil Conditioning FoamsAnti-clogging AgentsSoil Conditioning PolymersTail Seal GreaseAnnulus GroutingAnti-dust & Anti-Wear AdditivesTBM Main Bearing Grease

TBM Soil Conditioning Foams

Standard and polymerised soil conditioners are normally used for silty to gravelly sands. Different foam types may be used depending on the nature of the soil and its humidity or the groundwater pressure.


TamSoil 195CF

  • Silty sand to sandy clay TBM soil conditioner
Normet TBM Soil Conditioners

TamSoil 200CF

  • TBM soil conditioning foam for wet to sandy clay

TamSoil 260CF

  • Polymer modified soil conditioning foam for TBMs
Normet TBM Soil Conditioners

TamSoil 265CF

  • Polymerised soil conditioning foam for TBMs

TamSoil 267CF

  • Polymer modified soil conditioning system for TBMs

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